Whatcha doin’ for the next 100 days?

Here’s a great idea for you to spend some time with your family and encourage a healthy lifestyle and guess what?  It’s FREE.  Free fun.  Free healthy fun.  Open to all ages and abilities.  January 1st – April 10th.  Keep reading for details.

I’m not one for massive New Year’s resolutions, but a few years ago Jason challenged me to a “food” and fitness challenge in order for both of us to be healthier.  While Jason likes competition, it’s motivating for him, I do not.  So, in order for the challenge to work for both of us, I needed to approach it in a different manner.  I like to share and help others.  I can be accountable to others, where as I might not be as disciplined to myself.

So, we gathered up a few friends and family, created some friendly competition while providing support and encouragement for each other, dwindled away the cold days of winter while getting healthier, and had a party at the end.  Well, it’s been too long and it’s time to bring back this challenge and we invite you to join us.  We’ve made some modifications and we’re ready to roll.

Welcome to the 100 Day Health Challenge.  100 DHC for short. 

Grab your family.  Get your friends. 

It’s time to have some fun and get healthier while we’re at it.

The details:

  • Each person sets his/her own goals.
  • You set two goals each week: one fitness based and one food based – for a total of a possible 14 points per week.
  • You can change your goals each week or keep them the same as long as you wish.
  • Weeks will run Sunday through Saturday.
  • Goals may be simple or more involved.

A goal is an individual goal – not to be judged or compared to anyone else’s.  A goal can be just about anything you find beneficial.  However, they may NOT be things like, “lose two pounds” or “lose one pant size”.  Think ACTION, not the RESULT.  Goals need to be attainable, trackable, and realistic.  If you notice your week just not going the way you’d hoped (You don’t feel well , for example.) – modify your goal for the week.  Earn your points; it’s not a total loss.  Goals must be recorded, written or typed.  Sharing is optional.

Here is a form you are welcome to use to keep track.  Click to download and print.




We’ll share lots of ideas (and hope you will too) on the 100 Day Health Challenge Facebook page (more info below).

  • You earn one point for each goal accomplished per day…so max two points per day. (One for the fitness and one for the food.)

BONUS POINTS:  We will offer two bonus points per week.  “Extra credit.”  We’ll share these in the Rainbow Radish’s weekly newsletter (Not signed up yet?  Click here.)   and in the 100 Day Health Challenge Facebook page group (Want to join?  Click here.).  These are optional and you have the entire week to complete them.  Work together and help your team succeed.  So, with your own goals and the bonus goals each person could attain a maximum of 16 points per week.

There is no need to take before and after pictures or take your measurements or anything “fancy” like that, but you certainly can if that is important to you.  The 100DHC is designed to be fun and encouraging.  Success is possible and doesn’t need to complicated.


Looking for some examples?  These are some of our actual goals from 4 years ago.  Our lifestyle has changed quite a bit, so it’s encouraging to see some of the positive changes we’ve made.  I still think these are great goals.

Amanda – Fitness: Exercise for at least 10 minutes twice a day.

Food – Consume no more than 3 junk foods a day (pop counts as a junk food.)

Jason – Fitness:  Run 30 minutes (2 times), bike 45 minutes (2 times), swim 30 minutes (2 times), stretching day (1 time).

Food – limit of 2 Diet Mt Dews per day

Annabelle – Fitness: Do yoga each day for a week

Food – Consume no more than 3 junk foods a day.

A few other ideas: take your vitamins, do a specific exercise, plan a healthy menu for the week, pack a healthy lunch, run a mile, walk around the block, walk a loop of the track, work on a couch to 5K program, do 50 situps, do 15 situps…the ideas are open.  If you set your goal to work out for 30 minutes a day and your family goes sledding…that’s exercise and you’ve met your goal for the day.

Kids can be given “freedom” to choose their own goals or you can team up and work on the same things as other family members.  Give them guidance and options

Now what?

Decide who will participate.  Do you want to work as a family?  Do you want to “compete” within your family?  Do you want to grab a few friends and have teams?  (Men vs. Women vs. Kids is what we did a few years ago)  Kids vs. parents?    Have fun with it!  THEN!!!  Decide how you will celebrate after 100 days.  Will the team or individual with the most points get a special dinner made for them of their choosing?  Will there be whipped cream pies tossed in faces?  (Hmmmm, that’s a fun thought.)  Get out of chores?

Look for updates each week in the tRR Newsletter and for even more information and encouragement join the 100 Day Health Challenge Facebook page group (optional) group here.  You can post your goals, if you wish, ask questions, look for encouragement and help support others.  We will provide ideas and hope you’ll share too.

This is super exciting!  I’m pumped!  Are you pumped?  Let’s do this.

You don’t have to tell us you’re participating, but we’d love it if you did.  You don’t have any accountability to us, but we hope we can help encourage you.  We may share some products or services that we are affiliated with and think you may find beneficial.  You have no obligation to pursue them if you have no interest.

Are you in?  Post in the comments, send us an email, join the FB page, or secretly participate.  Don’t be shy to ask questions.

Let’s get fit and have some fun!

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