Looking for some new meal ideas to feed your fantastic family?  Tired of scouring Pinterest for some QUICK and EASY make-ahead meals?  Well look no further folks, today is you’re lucky day!

(I’m working on my infomercial voice.  Whatta think?)

If you’re like me, you find yourself sitting down to search Pinterest and a few hours later don’t feel much farther ahead and your menu is still empty and your grocery list is still blank.   Sometimes people come up with some amazing, but all too long lists, of ideas and then you find yourself sifting through those.  So, here are five quick ideas.  I have already the done the scouring for you.  I can’t take any credit for the actual recipes; I posses little talent in that area, but I did the research and think you’ll find some things you might like.

Each of these meals is family friendly and crazy-fast to assemble.  I meant to keep track on how long it actually took me to make all five to pile in the freezer, but I get distracted easily and forgot.  Truly, the only true prep was to brown the ground beef.  You can simultaneously be assembling some of the other meals, and by assembling…I mean, dumping them into a bag.   I really think 35-45 minutes would be a fair estimate in making all these at one time.

You could totally decide to not freeze these ahead of time and just pile the on hand ingredients in the CrockPot the day you want to make it.


Photo and recipe credit Happy Money Saver, happymoneysaver.com


Dump Chicken

Photo and recipe credit One Good Thing by Jillee, onegoodthingbyjillie.com


Ravioli Lasagna-ravioli layer 2

Photo and recipe credit Neat Nest Organizing, neatnestorganizing.com – bake this recipe, instead of using the CrockPot.  I used ground beef in this recipe and in the next recipe, instead of ground turkey.  Then I could save a step and cook the beef all at once.


Crockpot Quinoa Enchilada Dish

Photo and recipe credit Chelsea’s Messy Apron, chelseasmessyapron.com


Six Healthy Freezer Crockpot Meals in 50 Minutes

Photo and recipe credit New Leaf Wellness, newleafwellness.com – scroll down the page to find this recipe.



Now all you have to do is remember to put it the crockpot early enough in the day.  (Yah, I maybe tend to forget about that too.)  I think freezer meals make great gifts too.  Hoping my sister will too…as these will be ending up in her freezer.

What are some of your favorite easy and/or make ahead meals?  I love taking recommendations from friends.  Share in the comments section.

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