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Instant Pot

Yustens versus the Instant Pot.  Who will win? I received an Instant Pot for Christmas.  I was super pumped about the possibilities it held.  You’ve heard how amazing these things are right?  “Cook a 5 course Thanksgiving dinner for 12 in under 17 minutes.”  No? Fine, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but seriously the hype is impressive.  Talk to anyone that has an Instant Pot and uses it.  They love it.  They use it almost daily.  The possibilities are endless! Did you notice I said, “the people who actually use it” – that is also because...

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Quick and Easy Valentine Ideas

Valentine’s Day rocks!  And the best part is that is it can be so easy to have a fun celebration.  Bust out the pink paint and food coloring, draw some hearts and flowers, grab the cookies cutters and get ready to share with your sweetest loved ones how much you adore them! I had so much fun rounding up some super cute ideas.  All graphics and ideas belong to the bloggers below.  Click the images to get the details. shares Roll and Draw a Love Bug     Print off this a-MAZE-ing sheet from   You won’t...

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Plate Spinning

Do you ever feel like the you are the performer at the circus that is spinning all the plates on the poles at one time? You know what I mean, the guy that keeps running back on forth and back, and forth to keep the plates from crashing to the ground. He can keep it impressively going and going, running back and forth, …for awhile. Then he either decides to stop and catches them all or they all fall. He can’t keep it going forever. Do you ever feel like you have so many things you are supposed to balance? You might feel this way when you have lot of tasks to accomplish all at once – like when you have projects to be done for work, schoolwork to accomplish, a house to get clean, exercise to get done, menu planning and grocery shopping to do, kids to take here and there, and on and on and on and it all feels like it is starting to wobble. Just like when those plates start to wobble, you have decide where you focus your attention because you can’t, at the particular moment, give all your attention to just one or two things. That’s what I have felt like this whole week. I’ve felt spread a little extra thin. I feel like I am failing at things and not getting things done....

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Why I Use Young Living Essential Oils

It is so exciting when the more you learn about something you like, the more you fall in love with it.  I adore essential oils.  Young Living essential oils that is, and Young Living as a company in general.  The more I use them the more I want to learn AND the more I want to share.  So, let me take a few moments and do just that:  Share. This post contains affiliate links. Let me start with my passion for essential oils.  Passion?  Yah, I get pretty excited about them.  Essential oils are my first “go to”.  They...

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5 Crazy-Easy Make Ahead Meals

Looking for some new meal ideas to feed your fantastic family?  Tired of scouring Pinterest for some QUICK and EASY make-ahead meals?  Well look no further folks, today is you’re lucky day! (I’m working on my infomercial voice.  Whatta think?) If you’re like me, you find yourself sitting down to search Pinterest and a few hours later don’t feel much farther ahead and your menu is still empty and your grocery list is still blank.   Sometimes people come up with some amazing, but all too long lists, of ideas and then you find yourself sifting through those.  So, here...

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