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Water.  We all know it’s important.  We all know we are supposed to drink it (lots of it).   Do we really pay attention to it though?  I am wondering if it is just “one of those things” we take for granted, that we think we do right or consume enough of, but really don’t Do you or kids ever: feel moody or fussy? feel tired or dizzy? suffer from headaches? have dry mouth or increased thirst? have dry skin? have bad breathe? fight sugar cravings? You guessed it; dehydration may be a contributing factor.  Dehydration can be minor and...

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100 Day Health Challenge 2017

Whatcha doin’ for the next 100 days? Here’s a great idea for you to spend some time with your family and encourage a healthy lifestyle and guess what?  It’s FREE.  Free fun.  Free healthy fun.  Open to all ages and abilities.  January 1st – April 10th.  Keep reading for details. I’m not one for massive New Year’s resolutions, but a few years ago Jason challenged me to a “food” and fitness challenge in order for both of us to be healthier.  While Jason likes competition, it’s motivating for him, I do not.  So, in order for the challenge to...

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Seasoning’s Greetings

This is a super fun way to give a sweet, fun, and “punny”, but practical, and inexpensive gift.  We were excited to share this with basketball coaches, karate instructors, music teachers, as well as family and friends this holiday season.  We made a clever play on Season’s Greetings….to make it Seasoning’s Greetings. We took this fantastic seasoning recipe, from Once a Month Meals.  You can use any seasoning mix.  Consider your favorite taco seasoning, salad dressing mix, or even save yourself some time and buy a jar of your go-to spices and you’ll be all set.     This...

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123 SharingTree

This is a simple reminder for you and me. I’ll show you – you’ll see. It’s really as simple as can be. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.   Show some extra kindness to those you love.   Let them know that you care.   Make it intentional.   You’ll be glad you did. Share with your kids and those most special to you:   Tell them you love them at least 1 time a day. Give them a minimum of 2 hugs a day. Express kind words of encouragement and compliments at least 3 times a day. Help their...

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Refreshing Orange Sugar Scrub

I love oranges.  So much so, that one of my first blog posts was actually all about oranges.  You can glance at that post here, Have You Had an Orange Lately? The smell of orange essential oil is super uplifting and energizing.  It ranks on the top of my list of favorite essential oils; so when it came to making a sugar scrub I didn’t hesitate whatsoever in picking orange.  In reality, you could use almost any essential oil or combo of essential oils that you love. A sugar scrub is nice for gentle exfoliating.  You don’t really need...

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