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National Eagle Center

An Awesome Way to Spend the Day – With Eagles!   A day at the National Eagle Center is a day well spent.  Lots of learning!  Lots of fun!   The whole family will enjoy it.  I promise.   Did you know that eagles weigh about 12 pounds?  Or that an eagle can see over 2 miles away?  Or that they may build their nests 75 feet up in the air?!  I learned those things from Bucky, our Naturalist Educator and Angel, the Eagle Ambassador (She’s the one with feathers in the picture above.)  The National Eagle Center is so...

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Save Truckloads of $$ and Find Time You Never Knew Existed

5 NEW and CREATIVE ways to save time and money Let’s not waste time.  I know you think you’ve heard about every single way there is to possibly save a few pennies as well as all the methods to gain more time.  We’ve got you covered though – remember….sometimes you just gotta think outside the box. Let’s get started. Stop flossing.  As an extra bonus, forgo brushing your teeth altogether.  Head out back and grab a small stick – like they do on that fancy survival show.  You can even tuck that new stick of yours behind your ear...

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Free Kids Workshop at Home Depot

Kids Workshops at Home Depot   Hammer (check) Nails (check) Official orange Home Depot apron (check) Camera, smiles, and enthusiasm (check, check, and check) Grandparents are optional, but very handy to take along. (check)       WHAT:  Free Kids Workshop! – Each month is a different project.  (This month’s was a cute little wagon.)  Most projects involve hammering.  J  Some projects involve paint, so dress appropriately.     WHERE:  Home Depot Stores – Once in the building- stop and listen. You’ll hear the hammering of the busy little builders.  Head in that direction. You can check your store and...

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A Brand New Blog

Ribbon Cutting – Let’s make this official. It’s a brand a new blog.  And it’s ours.  All ours.  But we want to share.  We like to share – hence we started a blog.  Funny how that works full circle like that. Family is number one on our priority list and we know it ranks right up on there on yours too.  So, we thought we’d have some fun, explore and learn.  Totally, stepping out of our (really just Amanda’s) comfort zone we began this blogging adventure to provide support for other families in easy and exciting ways.  This is...

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