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Spotlight! Five Fantastic Young Living Products

      For those that use and adore Young Living oils and products, you know how hard it can be to pick a favorite.  I usually say, “My current favorite is…” because it does change on a regular basis.  I do have a few though that are always at the top of the list and we share them here.  You watched the fantastic video above, right?  You can click each image to learn more about each product.  Enjoy!     Interested in learning more?  Looking to place an order?   Email me and I’d love to give you more...

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Birthday List

When’s your birthday? Add it to our list!  We are trying to accumulate a birthday list that includes at least one name for every day of the year.  Add your birthday and your family member’s birthdays in the comments below.  Just a first name, month, and day. Awesome!  Thank...

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Science with Owen – Exploding Soap

Ready for some good, clean fun?!   This is a super easy, super fast, and super inexpensive science experiment.  Kids of all ages will have fun with this one.   Materials Bar of Ivory Soap Microwave (cutting board, knife, plate)   Directions Grab a bar of Ivory soap, cut a chunk off and toss it in your microwave.    Set your microwave for about 1 minute, but it may finish “growing” before that.  When it stops expanding your can shut your microwave off.  The soap will be hot!, but once it cools it is also fun to play with....

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Quick and Easy Magic Tricks

Abracadabra!  Allakazoo!  Here are some magic tricks just for you! It doesn’t matter what your age, these fun tricks are easy to learn and great to impress your friends and family.  Ethan is always building or creating something.  He is definitely has a “hands-on”  learning style.  He has a knack for learning magic tricks and picked a few fun ones to share.  You probably have everything already in your home.  Practice a few times and you’ll be ready to hold your own magic show.  (No bunnies required.) Disappearing Toothpick Quick movements of the hand will trick your eyes and...

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Science with Owen – Soda Geyser

Total fun!  This is absolutely an outside experiment.  If you’re lucky you’ll get your geyser to rocket super high up in the air.  You do have to move quickly to get the mint chews into the bottle and the more mint chews you get in (one package max), the greater the reaction.  So, make sure there is nothing around to get all sticky from the soda, including cars. Materials Diet Cola (Or try other carbonated drinks and compare.) Mint Chews, like Mentos (We’ve never tried fruit chews, but it sounds like they should work too.) Paper funnel Empty soda...

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