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Science with Owen – Magic Balloon Experiment

This is a super fun and easy experiment that kids and adults will all enjoy.  Set up and clean up are minimal, which is a total bonus. Materials Vinegar (we used about 1/3 cup)* Baking Soda (Heaping Tablespoon should do the trick)* Spoon Clear, Small Mouth, Water Bottle Funnel (you can roll up a piece of paper if needed) *Exact measurements are far from necessary t The Science Teacher Explains... This balloon experiment shows what happens when an acid and a base react together.  Vinegar is the acid in this case and baking soda is the base.  Acids and...

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National Library Week

An Interview with an Awesome Librarian   This week, April 10-16 2016, is National Library Week.   Hurrah for libraries!  We love our library; it is one of the top three places you can probably find the Yusten family.  It is as much of treat to go to the library as heading to a park to play.  My kids love it.  Besides just going to the library to check out books, we request a ton of books online for them to hold for us.  At any given time we probably have at least 30 books checked out and the kids...

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Egg-stra Cool Egg Activities

Egg-stra!  Eggstra!  Learn all about it! We had an egg-cellent idea to do some egg-xiting activities involving……wait for it…..EGGS!  Oh, you figured it out?  You’re so smart.  Now you can use your smarts and creativity to challenge your family to these super egg-stravagent learning opportunities. First up: Egg Drop – Get Creative, Get Thinkin’ “Can you create some sort of egg holder or contraption that will protect an egg – when dropped from the top of a ladder?” That was it; that was all the direction I gave my kids.  They had a week to think and devise their...

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