Creative writing is an excellent and easy way to allow ourselves and kids to explore our imaginations.  I think it is extremely important to let kids (and grown-ups) just write and doodle, without expectation.  Writing needs to be an outlet of expression and communication.  And often.  So much of what we are required to do in our daily lives is already pre-determined for us.  The “hows” and the “whys” are so structured.  We need a release.  Creative writing is an opportunity to do just that.  And the best part is, is that creative writing can be super easy and super fun.

Here are a handful of ideas for anyone, at any age to motivate those creative juices.  Grab your pens, markers, pencils, crayons, feather quill, or whatever else suits your fancy and let’s get rockin’.


Story Boxes 

Take a piece of paper and fold it a few times, then unfold it, so you can see the creases.  I like to fold it into 6 sections, but 4-8 would work well too.  You can trace the lines for easier visibility.   Then draw or write simple phrases to have the story progress.

Start with your first box as the “beginning” then each box after that is what comes “next” and what comes “next” and so on.  The last box can be the ending.   You can leave it at that or you use your story boxes as a rough draft and then transfer your ideas into more elaborate written out story.

Squiggle Story

Print these out or make your own.  Draw a simple, abstract squiggle.  Then turn into whatever you want.  The final creation can be real, fictional, or even abstract in itself.  You can turn the paper around to get a different perspective. Create your work of art.


Secret Codes

Secret codes can be super simple or really complex.  One easy way to create a code is to write out the alphabet and put a number underneath or simple symbols or pictures to correspond with each letter.  Then write a fun message with the codes and have someone else decipher it.


Pictures are quick inspiration.  Look in books or magazines, look online, or even freeze frame the tv screen.  Look for silly pictures, pretty pictures, animals, landscapes, etc.  Then get creative and tell your own wild story about what is happening within the picture.

Writing Bingo

Print out this bingo sheet and get writing.  There are lots of great ideas for prompts.  Aim for a traditional bingo or even go for blackout over time.

Gratitude Journal

Grab a notebook and each night before you go to bed or each morning when you get up, jot down some things you are thankful for.  Simple.  Sincere.  It will be really nice to look at down the road and remember.

Calendar Recap

This is similar to the gratitude journal just a different format.  You can write things you are grateful for or just recap the events of the day.

The avenues for creative writing are abundant.  Remember to focus on the outlet and freedom, not the structure or “formalness” of traditional writing.  Don’t strive for perfection or demand of it kids because creative writing doesn’t have to follow the rules.  Enjoy!

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