Egg-stra!  Eggstra!  Learn all about it!

We had an egg-cellent idea to do some egg-xiting activities involving……wait for it…..EGGS!  Oh, you figured it out?  You’re so smart.  Now you can use your smarts and creativity to challenge your family to these super egg-stravagent learning opportunities.

First up: Egg Drop – Get Creative, Get Thinkin’

“Can you create some sort of egg holder or contraption that will protect an egg – when dropped from the top of a ladder?”

That was it; that was all the direction I gave my kids.  They had a week to think and devise their plans and then to create their “safe egg” contraption.

As you can see they each came up with a very different idea ~ and the uniqueness of their imaginations was fantastic!

When the big event arrived we did a test egg to see if undeniably, an unprotected egg would bust.  Once the splat test was confirmed (proudly pictured above), it was time to see what worked and what didn’t.  We decided on a height of 8 feet.  The kids each climbed the ladder, lead a countdown, and the released their eggs.


Owen figured that something already made to hold things, should indeed, keep his egg in place.  So, he put it in an empty toolbox.  Great thinking, unfortunately….SPLAT.


Belle put her precious egg in a sock, then laid it in a box on top a bed of socks.  It was a nice a cushion.  SUCCESS!


Actually, it even bounced out of the the box after impact and still ended up “A-okay”  .


Ethan receives the award for wildest looking (if we had awards).  His little egg was hot glued in the middle of several energy drink cans.  SUCCESS!


Emmitt wanted to put his egg inside a water bottle. So, with a little help from Grandma, they cut a bottle open, wrapped the egg in paper towel, put it back in the bottle, and taped the bottle back up.  Nice effort, but SPLAT.

Of course, afterwards they wanted to keep dropping eggs and trying different things.  So, 1.  make sure you buy the inexpensive eggs and 2.  make sure you set your limit on how many they can use….or you’ll be out of breakfast in the morning.  They also wanted to simply drop random objects from the ladder. – You may want to hide your antique vase.  Kidding.  No, not kidding.  Hide it.


This was a lot of fun both for the participants and the spectators (a.k.a. Grandma and Grandad).  Remember to prepare for a mess.  Ours actually turned out not too messy.  It was handy that the eggs that did break, were self contained.


tRRp2016-04 egg painting canvas

Painting with Egg Shells

Okay, so in reality this is more “throw painting” with egg shells as the paint transporter.  Trust us, it was a whole lot of fun.  Pretty simple instructions too.

  1.  Save several egg shells.  Rinse and let dry.  (We did this several days before actually doing the project.)
  2. Get some canvas, cardboard, or paper that you want to creatively decorate, any size will do.
  3. Put some newspaper under your canvas for easy clean up when you are finished.
  4. Fill your egg shells with some paint.
  5. Stand back and toss, throw, or smack your paint filled egg shell towards your canvas.  (Mixing colors prior to tossing created a neat effect when it spattered.) Continue filling and throwing until your eggs shells are gone or you are satisfied with your work of art.
  6. Let the paint dry.
  7. Hang your masterpiece for all to admire.
  • We upcycled a piece of canvas we already had; we painted it black to cover the previous artwork.  You can leave your canvas white or get creative with any color background you’d like and then correspond your favorite colors of paint to fill the egg shells.
  • We chose to prop up our canvas to toss the eggs at it, but you could also lay it down flat.

tRRp2016-04 Kids with egg painting

Egg Sucked into a Bottle

The concept:  Place a match in an empty bottle, quickly put a peeled boiled egg on top, and watch the egg get vacuumed into the bottle whole.

Not. So. Much.PhotoGrid_1463005665047


This was supposed to be super cool.  Supposed to be.  I think the pictures speak for themselves.  This can absolutely be considered a true experiment.  We tried and tried.  We re-evaluated, modified, and tried again.  Fail.  Fail.  And Fail.  It was still fun though and it was an excellent opportunity to attempt to figure things out.  We had a hard time having the match stay lit.  (Actually I am not even sure it was supposed to stay lit.)  We tried lighting a napkin on fire within the bottle create more of a flame.  We tried different bottles/jars.  We even tried simply shoving the egg in.  HA!

I post this 1.  For your amusement.  (Our egg got pretty beat up in the process.)  2.  To prove that not everything will work perfectly.  3.  Maybe you can offer some advice on getting this to work.


Have an Egg-stordinary Day!

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