Kids Workshops at Home Depot


Hammer (check)

Nails (check)

Official orange Home Depot apron (check)

Camera, smiles, and enthusiasm (check, check, and check)

Grandparents are optional, but very handy to take along. (check)




WHAT:  Free Kids Workshop! – Each month is a different project.  (This month’s was a cute little wagon.)  Most projects involve hammering.  J  Some projects involve paint, so dress appropriately.


tRR 2016-03-31 Home Depot Em painting


WHERE:  Home Depot Stores – Once in the building- stop and listen. You’ll hear the hammering of the busy little builders.  Head in that direction.

You can check your store and see what the upcoming projects are here.


tRR 2016-03-31 Home Depot Owen


WHEN:  1st Saturday of each month

9am to noon

It is appreciated if you sign up online beforehand so your store knows it will have enough supplies.  However, they always seem to make sure they have plenty for all.


WHY:     It’s fantastic fun!  Each kid gets a complete kit of something neat to build, personalize, and take home.  ALL materials and supplies are provided, including the adorable apron.  The first workshop your kids attend they will receive their very own (free) apron – just like the real employees of Home Depot – to keep.  Then bring it back each time.


My kids have built cars, wooden Tic-tac-toe games, mini “corn hole” games, and lots more.  As kids get older, they can just plunk themselves down, follow the directions, and start constructing.  Younger kids will require assistance, but it’s a neat time for you and your children to work together as well as, a great opportunity to encourage them.  All kids (and parents) get a great sense of accomplishment and love to show off their handy works of art.


tRR 2016-03-31 Home Depot B and E


As an extra token of fun and accomplishment, after your little builders complete the project for the day they will get a certificate of achievement and a neat pin to add to their apron.  After your kids finish 10 projects, they’ll receive a special recognition star pin.


tRR 2016-03-31 Home Depot Gma and kids


So go.  Have fun.  Enjoy the time with your children.  They will surely enjoy the time with you.

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