Yummy, Juicy ORANGES

Knock knock.

Who’s there?


Banana who?

Knock knock.

Who’s there?!!


Banana who?

Knock knock.

Who’s there?!!!!!


Orange who?

Orange you glad I didn’t say banana?

You’ve just gotta love that good ol’ knock-knock joke. …or maybe not, depending on how long it ends up lasting, but… you do have to LOVE oranges.  Seriously!  Have you tried one lately?  They are A-MA-ZING!  Juicy spheres of deliciousness.  We’ve been enjoying a lot of the brightly colored fruit recently and decided to delve into learning more about them, and oh boy, do we have some great stuff to share with you.  Interesting facts, recipes, and more.  Crafts, essential oils, and fun galore!


  • Orange trees are evergreen greens.  What?!  Yah, for real.  Now, we are far from being near the tropical area in which oranges grow, so I never put much thought into it.  In Wisconsin, you’ll find apple orchards; apple trees are deciduous, so just like almost everything else, they lose their pretty green leaves in the fall.
  • Orange blossoms are a pretty little white flower.
  • Orange groves (apparently) smell really sweet and amazing.  We are headed to Florida this summer, and as of just now, I have put visiting an orange grove on our list of places to visit.  Cool!
  • There are many, many different varieties of oranges, both sweet and sour.
  • Oranges are grown around the world.  In the United States, most oranges are grown in Florida, California, Arizona, and Texas.
  • They thrive in temperatures in the range of 55 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Check out this short video on how oranges travel from the grove to your grocery store HERE.


Oranges Are Good For You


Of course we all know oranges are not just tasty, but also good for us.  But what does that really mean?


Oranges contain a high percentage of vitamin C and a considerable amount of fiber.  Vitamin C is helpful in building immune support and helping you heal when you do get sick or hurt.  Fiber can help lower cholesterol levels, as well as prevent constipation.  Oranges also contain  folate, vitamin B1, pantothenic acid, copper, potassium, and calcium.


In this article, 13 Health Benefits of Oranges,  you can read more ways this yummy fruit can be helpful to you.

Orange Essential Oil

You don’t have to hang out with me very long to realize that I am a big fan of essential oils and we use them frequently in our house.  Orange essential oil just happens to be one of our favorites.  It is an uplifting and calming scent.  It is one we diffuse on a regular basis.  I often just smell it from the bottle or put a half drop on the back of my neck or on the kids’ backs.  Sometimes, I’ll add a drop in my water for a little flavor boost.  I think I’ll go do that right now. Mmmm, refreshing.


Note: Avoid putting orange or any other citrus essential oil on  your skin prior to heading out in the sun.  It can increase the potential for sunburn.

Orange Chicken and Healthy Orange Julius


One of Ethan’s favorite dinners is orange chicken.  He really liked this recipe and has already asked for it again.  This recipe is yummy, easy, and only takes three ingredients.  -Bonus!-  The original recipe says to coat and fry your chicken.  Even though that would make it more authentic, I didn’t take the time to do it.  I just fried up my chicken, mixed the sauce in a separate pan, and added the two together.  It was still a big success.

3-Ingredient Orange Chicken Sauce Recipe from Crafty Morning

As a fun, and healthy treat try this simple “Orange Julius” recipe from Fabulously Frugal  (and sticking with the 3 ingredient theme).  


Dried Orange Wreath


tRR 2016 orange wreath collage

Who knew oranges were so versatile?  How ‘bout a beautiful wreath made of dried oranges to hang on your wall or give as a gift?  I have been wanting to make one of these forever, but we seem to eat our oranges faster than I can craft with them.  Not this time folks; the time has come.

To dry oranges, you can either use your dehydrator or oven.  I started with my dehydrator and then got impatient and switched to my oven.  Place your orange slices directly on the rack then bake in a 200 degree oven for about 2 hours. Depending on how thick your slices are you may need to adjust the time.

I am pleased with how my pretty wreath turned out.  You could even simply glue them together or create a “wreath” out of cardboard to glue them on.  I even have extra slices that I am going to make some potpourri out of.


Is Orange Your Favorite Color?

My Favorite Color is Orange Personality Meaning

Is orange your favorite color?  Orange is one of my top picks.  I currently have two orange notebooks laying in front of me and I used to have a home office that was painted in a very vivid, lovely orange.  If you happen to be one of the few that truly consider orange your favorite color, here is what is says about you.



For the rest of you, I know  you’re wondering what other favorite colors may say about you, and you can check that out here.  BUT, remember that not all colors have a fantastic fruit named after them, but it is your choice.  :0)

Orange You Glad You Learned Something About Oranges?


There you have it, lot of great stuff about oranges.  It is exciting.  I agree.  I am curious, what’s your favorite kind of orange?  And the big question…do you peel or slice your oranges before enjoying them?  Leave a comment below and let us know.


Hey – did you happen to notice the super attractive picture of the sliced orange at the top of the post?  Belle, my young teen designer took that for me.  She did a great job!

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