Abracadabra!  Allakazoo!  Here are some magic tricks just for you!

It doesn’t matter what your age, these fun tricks are easy to learn and great to impress your friends and family.  Ethan is always building or creating something.  He is definitely has a “hands-on”  learning style.  He has a knack for learning magic tricks and picked a few fun ones to share.  You probably have everything already in your home.  Practice a few times and you’ll be ready to hold your own magic show.  (No bunnies required.)

Disappearing Toothpick

Quick movements of the hand will trick your eyes and you’ll wonder where the toothpick disappears to.

Magic Dice

Pick any two numbers and watch them switch places.  Your audience will be be begging you to do it again.

Not-So-Open Can

This is a new favorite around our house and even when you know to be looking for it…it’ll still fool ya.  Sneaky Pete Ethan got us pretty good with this one, not just once either.  Simply color in the “opened tab” on your drink can and you’ll fool everyone.



Removable Thumb

This classic trick is sure to come in handy (hahaha) when entertaining a crowd.  Everyone likes to give this illusion a try.

Try these fun and easy magic tricks on your family.  Are you a magician that shares your secrets or do you leave your audience still guessing….”How’d he do that?”  Good luck.  Have fun.

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