I refuse to call myself a procrastinator.  (There may be some denial in that statement.)  I will profess to being a very busy mom with my attention being pulled in many different directions.  I am not saying that’s a bad thing.  I love just about everything I participate in, but sometimes….sometimes, something has to give – and what gave this week, was laundry.  This was also the week I forced the kids to clean up their rooms, which meant even more laundry after they collected all the clothes that had accumulated on their floors.  I think the massive pile of dirty clothes on our laundry room floor would have come close to a giant mat like pole vaulters land on, large and cushy.  Laundry will not take a back seat this week and everyone will be able to wear his or her own clothes.  (Maybe, just maybe a seven year had to wear his dad’s shirt and pants as pajamas.)

Now that we’ve cleared up that I am not a procrastinator, I will note that I am a “Uh-oh, this better become a little higher on the priority list!” sort of gal, and as it turns out, Thanksgiving happens to be just a few days away!

Since I am not expecting company or truly in charge of any food for the feast, I am not in complete flip out mode.  However, I can’t allow the holiday to completely escape me and derive us some extra fun activities and tasty treats.

So, hi-ho-hi-ho- It’s off to Pinterest I go….

Here are some neat things I found to try and thought you might enjoy them too.  They are all easy enough for last minute, simple fun.

Click the images to be taken to talented creators of these tips, tricks, and treats.

When we saw these, Rice Krispie Turkey Legs from Kitchen Fun with my 3 Sons, we knew we had to give them a try. They are adorable! and I can’t wait to share them.  

Rice Krispies Turkey Legs...such a fun & easy treat to make the Kids for Thanksgiving!... This will surely get the little ones giggling...☺️:


Inspiration Made Simple created this ROLL-A-TURKEY game.  It is super cute.  You could simply draw your own turkeys in correlation to rolling the dice as another idea.

Print this adorable Roll a Turkey Children's Game for a little pre-Thanksgiving fun!:


This turkey cheese ball from Bloglovin is fantastic.  I’ll be cheating and purchasing a goat cheese, cheese ball and turning it into this cute little fella.

Thanksgiving Turkey Cheese Ball:


I see no reason to pass up on some Turkey Trivia.  Craftaholics Anonymous has you covered.  Test your turkey knowledge.  I didn’t know all the answers, do you?

Craftaholics Anonymous® | Thanksgiving Table Craft: Turkey Trivia Cards:


Isn’t this beautiful?  Celebrating Everyday Life has created this lovely punch.  Everyone in my family loves pineapple juice, but we’ll swap out the ginger ale for Sprite and I think the cranberries for decoration are a must. 

Delcious ! Cranberry Pineapple Punch ! Effortless Eye Candy for Entertianing That Taste as Good as it Looks !:


KC Edventures has compiled a huge list of games and activities to help keep everyone entertained.  There are lots of great things listed here!

I LOVE these Free Thanksgiving games and activities! Perfect for easy fun with the kids or something to do around the table.:

Happy Thanksgiving!  What are some of your favorite ideas and traditions?  Help us get started on next year and share in the comments below.

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