5 NEW and CREATIVE ways

to save time and money

Let’s not waste time.  I know you think you’ve heard about every single way there is to possibly save a few pennies as well as all the methods to gain more time.  We’ve got you covered though – remember….sometimes you just gotta think outside the box.

Let’s get started.

  1. Stop flossing.  As an extra bonus, forgo brushing your teeth altogether.  Head out back and grab a small stick – like they do on that fancy survival show.  You can even tuck that new stick of yours behind your ear to keep handy at all times.   No brushing also means no toothpaste.  No toothpaste also means no giant globs of toothpaste in your sink, from your kids attempting to actually get it on their toothbrushes.

Monthly Savings: $5-10                        Yearly Savings:  $60-$120

tRR 2016 smurf brushing teeth

  1. Wear your clothes, at least 8 times, before washing them.  All you’ll need is 4 outfits.  You could get through a whole month and only have to wash your set of clothes once!  Even better – you’d only have to fill the washer one time.    Loving this idea.  Mount Washmore would no longer even exist on our basement floor.

Monthly Savings: at least $75              Yearly Savings:  $900

tRR 2016 laundry basket

  1. Stop mowing your lawn.  Think of it – no more stinky gas smells, no more anger issues from yelling at that darn lawn mower to get started, and when the grass gets long enough, you will have the ultimate place to play hide-n-seek.  It will be like your own mini corn grass maze, right in your front yard.  You may even want to consider selling tickets.

Monthly Savings:  ummm, okay, I really have to clue how much it costs in gas and maintenance to keep up a fine and dandy lawn.  Our lawn is neither fine nor dandy.  So, let’s go with $7.58  that makes the Yearly Savings: $90.96.  Oh no.  Wait.  We actually only mow our lawn about 2.5 months out of the year.  That brings the yearly savings, to a still impressive, $18.95.

BONUS: You could probably sell the tickets for the maze for at least 10 cents each! 

tRR 2016 lawnmower


Isn’t this amazing?  I told you this would be amazing.  I know you are getting really excited to get going on these fantastic ideas, but wait, we have two more you don’t want to miss!


  1. Eat ramen noodles for one meal each day.  Have you had these things?!  Having lived at home and maintained a high level of nourishment during my college years, I had never really discovered these sodium filled treasure packages….Until now that is.  Last week I happened to be walking down the international foods aisle and WOW!  Dude!  These things are only 20 cents a package.  I can even splurge and get each family member their own package.  (Good bye $150 a week grocery bill.)    So, this may be more of retro idea than a completely new one for some of you.  Bring back the savings!

Monthly Savings:  $49                          Yearly Savings: $196

tRR 2016 ramen noodles

  1. Use your FREE dishwasher  Absolutely a huge time saver and the money saved is beyond phenomenal.  (Don’t have a free dishwasher?  – You really might want to consider getting one.)

Monthly Savings:   $25                       Yearly Savings:  $300


tRR 2016 Katie licking plate


Okay people – RELAX.  If you haven’t already figured it out – check the date.

It’s April Fool’s Day and were just havin’ a little fun.

On the contrary, we advise you to NOT follow ANY of the suggestions in the list above.  We do, however, strongly suggest you have a superbly wonderful day!

….and if you actually want to get a dog, we think that is great.  Do not really use her as a dishwasher.  Nope.  Don’t.

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