Ready for some good, clean fun?!  

This is a super easy, super fast, and super inexpensive science experiment.  Kids of all ages will have fun with this one.



Bar of Ivory Soap


(cutting board, knife, plate)



Grab a bar of Ivory soap, cut a chunk off and toss it in your microwave.    Set your microwave for about 1 minute, but it may finish “growing” before that.  When it stops expanding your can shut your microwave off.  The soap will be hot!, but once it cools it is also fun to play with.  We have had some really gigantic expansion with some bars of Ivory soap.  It seems to work best with a chunk versus the whole bar…and then you get to do it a few more times too.




The Science Teacher Explains...

Ever notice how Ivory soap floats?  Not all soap does.  When Ivory soap is made they “whip” it, which creates air pockets.  There is moisture within the soap and air pockets (bubbles), when it heated the moisture heats up and expands.  Therefore, causing the soap to expand.

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