This is a super fun and easy experiment that kids and adults will all enjoy.  Set up and clean up are minimal, which is a total bonus.


Vinegar (we used about 1/3 cup)*

Baking Soda (Heaping Tablespoon should do the trick)*


Clear, Small Mouth, Water Bottle

Funnel (you can roll up a piece of paper if needed)

*Exact measurements are far from necessary


The Science Teacher Explains...

This balloon experiment shows what happens when an acid and a base react together.  Vinegar is the acid in this case and baking soda is the base.  Acids and bases are roughly opposites of each other and react together. In this case sodium acetate, water and carbon dioxide are produced.  The sodium acetate and water stay in liquid form at the bottom of the bottle.  The carbon dioxide is lighter than air and so it rises as a gas to fill the balloon.

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