This is a super fun way to give a sweet, fun, and “punny”, but practical, and inexpensive gift.  We were excited to share this with basketball coaches, karate instructors, music teachers, as well as family and friends this holiday season.  We made a clever play on Season’s Greetings….to make it Seasoning’s Greetings.

We took this fantastic seasoning recipe, from Once a Month Meals.  You can use any seasoning mix.  Consider your favorite taco seasoning, salad dressing mix, or even save yourself some time and buy a jar of your go-to spices and you’ll be all set.



This will only take you a few minutes to mix up and put together.  It is easy for kids to help.  It’s a great learning exercise in both reading and measuring.

We stopped at the local wholesale club and bought the ingredients in bulk.  We quadrupled the original recipe and even then, ended up making a few batches.  You can absolutely decide the amount you want to include in your gifts.  We found about 1/4 cup seemed appropriate.  If you just want to make a single “batch” you can visit the original recipe here.

This is a great recipe to have on hand in your own cupboard, even if you don’t want to give it as gifts.  You may just wish to make a smaller batch.  This recipe is good on burgers, chicken, fish, veggies, and french fries.


Mix all ingredients together and store in an air tight container.

(Note – this is the “big” batch.)

16 Tablespoons (= 1 cup) Paprika

16 Tablespoons (=1 cup) Salt

8 Tablespoons (=1/2 cup) Garlic Powder

2 Tablespoons Cumin

2 Tablespoons Chili Powder

4 Tablespoons Pepper

2 teaspoons Celery Salt

2 teaspoons Basil



We portioned out the seasoning mix in snack size baggies and printed some ingredient labels.  You could also use craft bags or small containers.  Then we put the baggie into a cute decorative bag, taped it up, and stapled the cute note on top.  I love it!  It folds over with the saying on the front and the ingredients on the back.  Feel free to use this printable.  (Don’t worry about the dotted lines, they won’t print.)

Seasoning’s Greeting Gift Labels

We’d love to hear who you’re going to share this with or what other simple gifts you like to give.  Share with us in the comments below.



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